Earle Gear


In 1986, Steward Machine Co. bought the assets of Earle® Gear and Machine Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The same reliable Earle® Gear Speed Reducers and Lock Bar Operators are now being manufactured by Steward Machine Co. in Birmingham, Alabama, utilizing Earle® concepts and engineering data.

Earle® Speed Reducers are specially designed and manufactured to meet the demands of low-speed, high-torque applications. They have been used successfully for more than 90 years to operate movable bridges, in heavy lifting and hoisting machinery and other custom drives. In addition to conforming to appropriate American Gear Manufacturers Associate standards, Earle® units also incorporate the benefits gained by such long experience. They have been designed with reserve strength and dependability to safely control massive inertial loads.

Earle® pioneered the development and use of Differential Speed Reducers in movable bridge operating machinery systems, and Earle® reducers continue to occupy a position of leadership in that field. The differential reducer incorporated a balanced, three pinion, bevel gear assembly which ensures load sharing between the two output shafts.

Earle® Speed Reducers are compact, self contained, fully enclosed units of high mechanical efficiency. Quiet in operation, they provide for automatic lubrication of gears and bearings. The large variety of sizes and capacities available is listed and illustrated on the following pages. In addition, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom gear reducers and mechanical drives for unusual applications.