Steward Machine is a multiple generation family-owned business. From Steward Machine’s inception, we realized that the greatest asset of any company is its employees. This understanding encouraged Steward Machine’s craftsman to pass down their first-hand knowledge and expertise with future generations, who have remained a part of the Steward Machine family. The inherited knowledge, innate skills and pride cannot be matched within our industry.

Founded in 1904, Steward Machine began as a manufacture of supplies for the coal and iron ore mining industry in central Alabama. Not long after, the area of work expanded into the iron rolling industries followed by service to the steel industry.

In order to offset the cyclical market prevalent in the mining and steel industries, other markets were cultivated. Steward Machine’s strong reputation spread in a variety of fields. Steward Machine is the largest manufacture of moveable bridge machinery in the world as well as a leading supplier in the lock dam, heavy industrial equipment and machinery, defense, aerospace, automotive, power suppliers, navy, sewage and waste industries. In 1985 the Earle Gear Company was acquired to accompany Steward Machine’s existing gear manufacturing, thus making available patented Cushionlocks®, Pillow Blocks, Lock Bars and Reducers to our customers.

With multiple locations offering full service custom manufacturing, fabrication, machining, painting, inspection and shipping, Steward Machine is a company with the unmatched expertise and ability to meet the needs of the most demanding owners in the world. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about how we can serve you.