EARLE® Pillow Blocks


  • Steel housings
  • Two-piece, split construction
  • ASTM B-22 bronze bearing
  • AASHTO and AREA load ratings
  • Two-way thrust capacity
  • Sub-drilled mounting bolt holes
  • Brass, laminated liners
  • Double spiral lubrication grooves
  • Giant button head lube fitting
  • 1/2 inch nominal, full size, stainless steel shim packs


ASTM A-27, grade 10-36 cast steel, or A-36 weldments. Two-piece, split construction providing for accurate cap and base registration and easy removal of the cap. High strength cap bolts are double-nutted. Base bolt holes are sub-drilled in the shop .030" under bold diameter to permit field reaming. Cap is equipped with Alemite "Button-Head" lubrication fitting (AASHTO 2.6.1, 2.6.6).

Double flanged, split-type bronze, ASTM B-22 Alloy 91100. Inside diameter has double spiral grooves for grease distribution (AASHTO 2.6.2).

Brass, having a total thickness of 1/4 ", consisting of one solid piece 1/2" thick and one laminated piece 1/8" think with .003 laminations (AASHTO 2.6.1).

Full size stainless steel with pre-drilled bolt holes. Each set consists of one plate 1/2" thick, one plate 1/4" think, on plate 1/8" thick, one plate 1/16" thick, and two plates 1/32" thick (AASHTO 2.6.1).

To order: Specify model number followed by bore size (e.g. Model EPB-30-5.375)


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