EARLE EG-3 Lock Bar Operators

The EARLE EG-3 Lock Bar Operator is intended for use in applications that will frequently be subjected to heavier loads and more rigorous duty cycles. Very wide bascule leafs, those carrying six or more lanes of traffic, as well as installations in which the guides and receivers are widely separated and 5 x 8 in., 6 x 9 in. ore where even larger lock bars are required, are typical examples for use of EG-3 units.

Additional strength and rugged support for the reaction forces, caused by the passage of vehicular traffic, has been built into the forward guide that is incorporated into the steel casting which encloses the lock bar stem/lock bar pin connection and adjustable limit switches. A wide, high strength bronze guide bushing located in the bar guide cover ensures more than adequate capacity for support of the live loads. The installed EG-3 operator is a stiffer and more rugged assembly because of the greater number of larger diameter mounting bolts located in the vicinity of its forward guide. This operator can be supplied for strokes up to 28 inches.

Generally the drive motor specifications are similar to the motors used for EG-2B operators. We can also furnish 3 or 5 HP motors on EG-3 units.

Like the EG-2B, the EG-3 can be mounted in any position, including upside down. The gear housing can be rotated 90 for reduced height installations.

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Downloadable Files
EG-3 with 16 inch stroke.
EG-3 with 18 inch stroke.
EG-3 with 28 inch stroke

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